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New Cards App Delivers “Vintage Innovation”

Photo: Courtesy of Apple

While the mantra may be that we live in a digital world, the truth is, some of us are still material girls (print material, that is) and who can blame us? Among the many, almost forgotten, pleasures in life is receiving a real, honest-to-goodness paper greeting card in the mail—the handwritten address, the colorful stationary, the satisfying sound the envelope makes when you tear it open, all near sheer bliss! This is the reason why Apple’s new mobile app, Cards, is nothing short of genius. Here’s how it works: You snap a photo with your phone, personalize it with your own text, and submit it. Within a few short days, an elegant, totally original, letterpress card arrives in the mailbox of your intended—perfect for birthdays, gratitude, travel dispatches, and more—and all for a mere $2.99 with postage included in the U.S. This is the kind of vintage innovation we would all do well to download.

Available now at the iTunes store.


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