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WWDC 2013 What To Expect




In less than a few hours WWDC will be here for us all to nerd over so here is my round up off what to expect.

1. iOS 7- this has been rumoured to be getting a complete redesign with jony ive at the helm iOS 7 is rumoured to be receiving a flat look with icons and the use of strong colours there are also reports of iOS receiving file sharing without the need for wifi and easier multitasking.

2. iRadio – seems to be what apple will call there music streaming service like spotify & pandora and best of all from the rumours it seems its going to be free and ad supported

3. The Macs – i think the Macbook Pro will be replaced with Retina Macbook Pro line and the macbook air range will get small subtle updates new processors and possibly a retina screen and now we talk about the big daddy mac that is the mac pro this system haunt received any updates for quite a while and now its the mac pro time to shine with processor updates thunderbolt port finally and a whole new redesign that will be slimmer and lighter.

4. iWatch – The iWatch has been rumoured although i don’t think this will be announced anytime soon i do whoever think there will be hints towards the iWatch.

What do you think will be announced leave your comments below.

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