River Island BLACK EXTRA LARGE WATCH Product Code 276336

Bare with me this is my first review posting do let me know how I’ve done 😀

So this watch from river island Product Code 276336  is definitely a statement maker I’ve been wearing this for a few weeks now and certainly gets some attention as its well QUITE HUGE the face measuring in at just over 2.3 inches and being about 0.5 inches thick its easy to see why this is a HUGE watch.

I have to say its quite comfy for the price (£35) it is a grey gun metal black color and it features two faces with moving hands so you can have it set on two different times if you wish ideal if you travel abroad a lot or live & work in London during the week then commute to Paris for the weekend you could have london timezone and paris timezone on the one face.

Now it does seem somewhat sturdy and very well made but i do have to be honest and theres no point doing a review if you are not honest this is my 2nd watch as the back came off the first one and would not go back on but river island were nice enough to order me another on into store as they didnt have one in stock and since then I’ve had no issues.

One thing to note is this watch isn’t waterproof so i wouldn’t advise showing in it or use in a steamy environment its very comfy and the faux leather strap doesn’t get sticky like some watch straps do i did find it got some getting used to due to its HUGE SIZE but you soon don’t notice it until someone points out how big your watch is.

So if you want a BIG BOLD WATCH That makes a statement then this guys is for you


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