Why You Should Always Back Up Your Blog Posts !!

You Should always back up your blog as i recently had an issue with mine and i didn’t have a back up so lost the all the posts,design & comments which = very very sad face my web host had a malfunction which in turn meant my blog had reinstalled itself as i use a self installed version of wordpress.
So this is juts a little public service announcement making sure you back up those posts as they are not recoverable i suggest you use a combination of the built in service your blogging platform uses and a Microsoft word document just in case.

5 thoughts on “Why You Should Always Back Up Your Blog Posts !!

  1. I really felt for you when I read about this on Twitter. Then, soon after I looked into backing up our blog just in case. Thanks for the sound advice and I am glad that despite the malfunction, you have come back to blogging!

    1. No worries glad it was of some help 😀
      and don’t worry it will take more than a malfunction of my server and the loss of blog post to keep me from blgging
      Thank you for commenting

    1. YES YES YES YES That counts as long as they are backed up somewhere all is good 😀 😀
      Thank you for commenting

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