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When To Take A Break
18th December 2014|BeautyFashionLifestylePhotographyTechUncategorised

When To Take A Break

When To Take  A Break

Sometimes in life you just have to take a break and step back in order for you to go forwards and thats exactly what i did don’t ask me why i just felt i should take time out from all things social and blogging as i felt i wasn’t giving my best and I’m all about giving all you can and not giving half arsed attempts at anything.
For me thats what i felt i was doing i’d lost the motivation for writing and if you know me and follow me all over social media you know i love it and i interact all the time well even that wasn’t interesting me i just don’t know why so thats why i decided id just take some time out and get perspective and my GOD it helps bring you back into the right frame of mind i had a notebook and pen and just used that for thoughts instead of using my phone or computer even though i took time out for about a week for me it was long enough now it might take you longer but id recommend it to anyone who’s been feeling lost or confused in terms of the content they make online weather it be youtube or blog .

it might be hard at first for you too just stop but it will be the best thing you do the signs for needing a break are simple

  1. Lack of motivation
  2. Lack of sleep
  3. Constantly feeling that the content you create isn’t good enough
  4. Loss of interest
  5. Stress
  6. No interest in food
  7. And generally just feeling down

Now those are just a few signs but everyone is different and you might have different ways of coping with lack of motivation but for me a break was needed and i encourage everyone too do the same even if you just take a  weekend or  two you will feel a lot better limit the time you spend creating content as its far far far to easy to get overwhelmed and swamped you don’t need content up everyday by doing that theres a chance you will be rushing and it won’t be the best content you can create.

Ive also found that support helped & there has been a quite few lovely bloggers that helped me out over on twitter and i appreciate the support you AWESOME People have given me you know who you are (ps blog post featuring you lovely people coming soon :P) I’m overwhelmed with the support I’ve got i never knew people cared that much about me and my blog/youtube channel but you do so that means a lot

Anyway i think I’ve rambled enough now just remember if you feel you need a break take it it doesn’t matter how long you take make sure its long enough that you are recomposed and ready and raring to go.

As always much love you people are amazing




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  • 24th December 2014 at 1:17 am

    I can totally relate to most of those points, and so many of them seem to go hand in hand. It’s so easy to look at how amazing others seem to be doing, and focus on how you aren’t doing as well… Even if it’s all just on the surface. Sometimes stepping back and focusing on yourself is just what’s needed [=

  • 1st January 2015 at 1:50 pm

    Thank you for this, I really needed it. Im struggling to even think straight right now with new pills and Im still trying t write!

  • 2nd February 2015 at 12:07 am

    I always aim to post every other day, but I find that if I’m not happy with my blog, that I’m better just to leave it alone. I, like you, still interact on social media regardless. I just don’t like to add any further pressure to blog when I have lost my mojo…
    Ting | The Ting Thing

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