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Update V1.0

Hi Everyone so today this is going to be a little bit of a personal posting i thought this would make a good somewhat monthly posting with updates and any new ideas i have that i would like feedback on.

Youtube Updates :
So i know i know I’ve been talking about the youtube channel for sooooooo long well i thought id share with you my plans I’m anticipating do technology videos Everything from SmartPhones to cameras to Phone Cases and apps
Photography related videos Mens fashion & style videos some random vlogs + much much much more

Blog Updates:
Nothing is changing really blog wise its just going to get better and better and better I’m going to keep pushing out content I’m wanting to do more tech posts mens fashion & possibly some women fashion either via guest posts or me just browsing the internet and putting outfits together and share them  also doing some  male hair and beauty + beard & grooming product posts.

The plan is posting more of my photography work asa its a passion of mine and i think sharing this might interest some people.

The idea here is possibly a weekly podcast i host and invite a couple of bloggers to talk about things we’ve read online we like and have a discussion hopefully varied

Still as per usual my health is pretty crap and Ive now had my shoulder operated on and thats a long slow proceess
but I’m thinking on doing more posts on my various medical conditions if thats something that interest.

So i think thats pretty much all i wanted to talk about please do leave me feed back i also want too thank everyone for all the care and support its amazing you are all amazing <3

5 thoughts on “Update V1.0

  1. Hey CJ 🙂 I like the ideas for your youtube channel, I’ll definitely be interested in photography videos! (I’m always trying to improve my photography)
    I’d love to see some of your photography too 🙂
    That idea of having a podcast is really good!
    And aww, I hope you feel better soon and that your shoulder heals fast!

    Neeny x

  2. All of these ideas sound really good CJ – looking forward to seeing your videos too and hoping your shoulder heals up nice and quickly as well. – Tasha

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