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Hey my lovelies !

This is my second tag post, I love doing these so do send them my way

So for those of you who don’t know, the Love/Hate tag is pretty self explanatory – You think of 10 things that you love and 10 things that you hate and share it with the rest of the world! (by ‘world’ I mean those of you who actually read this.) I was nominated by the awesome & adorable alongcamemolli (Thank you!) So be sure to go check out her blog YOU WONT REGRET IT

So let’s begin with the Love/Hate tag! Hope You Enjoy


1.People who always think they know better than you when they no absolutely nothing
2.Bees & Wasps being allergic to these buggers gives me good reason to hate them
3.Crowed places can’t do these I hate concerts and festivals and shopping centers all things like that I hate
4.Bratty children harsh I know but some children are just little monsters
5.Chilli I abousoultly can’t do chilli I would say I’m allergic.
6.Chavz it’s an odd one this one but there is something about them that gets on my nerves can’t do the what they dress there lack of common sense or anything
7.Foreign students I live in a seaside town that every summer all the foreign students come and they are so rude pushing in on the busses and always speaking there own language
8.The cold I can’t stand cold weather
9.People who don’t bother to understand me or medical conditions
10.Guys who are better looking than me there just isn’t any reason for it stop rubbing your good looking in my face haha

The Loves ❤️

1.Bow Ties if you follow me everywhere you know I love them
2.Pizza love me some pizza
3.VW Campervans I love these little monsters
4.Awesome amazing People
5.Walks along the beach nothing beats it
6.Photography nothing to me is more perfect than creating beautiful image that either makes people sad or smile
7.A good stand up comedian I love something that makes me laugh
8.I love people who aren’t afraid to be an individual
9.A good glass of red wine nom nom nom
10.Spending time with family is to me something we’ve lost as a society and i try do it when I can .

Once again thank you molli for nominationing me here are my nominations







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