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Impossible Instant Polaroid Film Review/Thoughts 



I have always been a massive lover of Polaroid Instant Film as it was pretty much where my love of photography came from and when Polaroid said they were stopping production of the SX-70 instant film in February 2008 I think i might have shed a few tears.

Now  I can’t find my original Polaroid shots they should be in a box somewhere in my house when I find them I will share them of anyone’s interested I am however shooting on my original Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera which I’ve had for many years anyway fast forward a few years after Polaroid stopped making SX-70 film the impossible project came about and brought the film making equipment and rented the factory from Polaroid and started making instant film again yay.

I thought it would be interesting to show my thoughts on the Impossible Polaroid instant film I brought this film myself and this post isn’t sponsored by the impossible project ( I wouldn’t say no though if you wanted to send some film my way ) now the first thing I noticed is it doesn’t have the same smell the original Polaroid film had the size frame size and and the image area is still the same it still use the film holder that has the inbuilt battery.

The development time is also slightly longer with The Impossible Project Film as it was with the Old Official Polaroid Film the colors do seem to be improved and brighter as you can see from the image gallery.

I wish i could compare these with the Fuji Instax but I’ve yet to use those maybe i will purchase one soon and then do a post on it.

Hope You like this post please do give me your thoughts as always much love

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9 thoughts on “Impossible Instant Polaroid Film Review/Thoughts 

  1. I still have an unopened pack of Polaroid 600 film somewhere. What’s that worth nowadays? £50? I can’t bring myself to use it!
    I must look at these again, though last time I looked you still had to play with the film afterwards to make sure the pictures didn’t fade.

  2. I love polaroid shots so much. There’s something about them that just makes them seem more real and capture the moment more accurately. If you do find your old snaps make sure you do a post. I’d love to see them!

  3. I really love these! I always wanted a Polaroid camera when younger and never bothered, then went on to digital. This makes me want on again, the pictures have a sort of raw look that no filter can achieve.

  4. I always wanted a Polaroid camera when I was a kid. I did get one of those mini ones they did around the late 90’s/2000, where the pictures were about the size of a large stamp.

  5. This post is just the kind of thing I was looking for! I may be getting a fujifilm instax mini 8 soon but I have absolutely no experience with instant film! Looking forward to experimenting.

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