Single On Valentines Day Its A Good Thing!

Its that time of year again for Valentines Day & If you are like me and are single on Valentines Day here are my reasons why its actually a good thing.

  1. All the wine for you no need to share it
  2. All of the cake again no need to share with anyone
  3. No one to take up all the space in bed
  4. It is cheaper no presents to buy
  5. All the ice cream in the world
  6. You can watch what you like when you like
  7. You can actually buy yourself a present that you want
  8. You can go bed early if you like
  9. Eat all the ice cream and not feel guilty about it
  10. And this is the best one of all as someone is single you can hate those in a relationship on Valentine’s Day and feel sorry for yourself but not for long because remember you have all the wine, cake & ice cream to eat

So if you are like me and are single on Valentine’s Day then happy Valentine’s Day
I hope you enjoy this posting its my first time writing skmething some what comedic.
Let me know if you liked this post and want more of this style

As always i love you all and i love all the continued support you give <3


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8 thoughts on “Single On Valentines Day Its A Good Thing!

  1. This made me laugh so much haha. Definitely agree with you – who needs a partner when you can have wine, cake, ice cream, AND the bed all to yourself?? Sounds like a winning night in to me 😉

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