EDITED : Health Update #1 : Heart Operation Now 11th Of July 2017

UPDATE: The Operation Date Has Now Been Changed To The 11th of July 2017

I’ve always said I wasn’t going to post health related posts on my blog as it doesn’t define who am it just contributes to it.
However I thought I might as well share with you this important date so on the 4th of July I will be going in for a EPS Study +/- a cardiac ablation so in short what’s going to happen is catheters Will be inserted into my ground and wires up inside my heart to use electrical impulses to find & trigger the area of my heart that has been causing my arrhythmia/palpitations and chest pains and then once they’ve found the area that is causing the issue it will be scarred/burnt away sounds drastic right but if it helps then I’m all for it. Now it’s not without its risks but I’m not going to focus on those I’m just focusing on getting myself better & creating awesome blog posts for you all.

The support and love I’ve received has been amazing I love my little blog fam and everyone rocks ❤️ I will be posting an update post to this after the procedure.

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