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Behind The Shot : Fashion Shoot With A Friend

Part of a new series I’m going to be doing on the blog that I’m calling Behind The Shot it’s going to be where I take you well behind the shot and explain the process involved in the image and my editing techniques etc whether I’m doing some fashion images do street photography to landscape/ nature/seaside snaps.

The first set of images I’m sharing in this series is from when I did a fashion photoshoot with a long time friend of mine he’s recently appeared on TV in a program called Casualty and he’s currently at a performing arts school in London and I couldn’t be more proud of him having known him since school it’s gotta be well over 12-13 years or more.

The Aim Of The Shots:

The images he wanted was some casual fashion / style images for his acting & modelling portfolios that show his various faces for acting and various clothing he wears for various looks & styles

The Locations For The Images :

So the location, we wanted to use somewhere that was interesting in my local town we’ve got a derelict shopping centre that can you can walk through which gives some interesting results as you will see on the photos below.

I also wanted to take use of the fact we live by the beach and the steam train line so I made use of those. I also wanted to make him feel comfortable in being in front of people so in the one shot we did it walking through the Main Street of the town, not only was it a test for him as it was for me as many people were watching.

The Editing Process:

Not much really to say about the editing process, but I used a combination of photoshop and some plugins the clone tool to clean up the skin remove a few spots blemishes old holes from piercings etc. Applied a few effects and stuff so that the colours either pop or get muted depending on the feel of shot and some also got turned into black and white. I can go into more detail over this in a future post with another image if requested to do so. I did upload onto youtube a little speed edit video which i shall link below.

The Images:

Here are the images that was created and edited I hope you enjoy them. I’m also looking for new people to photograph so if you are interested get in touch


i do hope you’ve all enjoyed this post let me know if this is somthing you would like to see more off in the mean time check out my buddy Dom the guy in the pictures.

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