Guess Who’s Back B*tches

These past few months have been crazy for me but I AM BACK so here’s what has been happing and what is going on from now and what I’ve got planned¬†going forward

So I’ve had a few health issues that I’ve had and that i’m currently dealing with but i’ve had my second heart operation a few months ago now and i feel it isn’t much better so not sure where we go from here and I’ve got a few other issues that I’ve gotta talk about at some point but now isn’t the right time(more operatations planned in the future) . So what is planned and where am i going from here so my blog has always been my little place on the internet where i can say what i like and do what i want i never wanted to pigeonhole myself to a specific subject. However i feel like i want to do more Photography related things here as that is something I’m passionate about and do pretty much everyday of my life & also I’m wanting to do Fashion related content as i absolutely love fashion its one of my passions & I’m also thinking on doing technology posts too as i do love tech and gadgets.

I’m also thinking on trying to work with more brands alot than i have done in the past as i just feel ive got the potential to make this blog work if i put my mind into it and not let the distractions of life stop me from doing so. so the blog is back guys its back And I’m gonna be bigger and better than ever that’s a promise.
I’m also considering incorporating an outfits section on my blog with photos of me in various outfits etc and give you an insight inti the clothes I wear.I’ve mixed up the branding to something a little more personal which I think will help me show the real me as that’s the whole point of this blog I’m gonna be me & I’m going to use it as my platform to say what I want when I want & the content I want to do without limits.

So who’s excited for some future post ? Please love me some ideas on some content you’d enjoy and brands you think i could work with

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