The Blog Is Back

Well welcome back,

I said to myself that i would close the blog and just focusing on making sure i got my health on track and but I miss doing this blogging thing, so it’s time for a fresh start & the start of something new.

So I hear you ask what’s the plans well they are loosely as followed.

Photography related content: how I edit photos,the story behind a shot,what the inspiration behind a photo was

Fashion Content: outfits of the day,fashion content working with brands(hopefully), story behind my style, working with other male and female bloggers to bring style tips etc

Beauty/grooming content: will consist of sharing my daily grooming regime the products I use etc

And finally miscellaneous content that doesn’t really fit anyway else like travel and food reviews etc

So please do let me know what content you’d love to see .

I’m looking forward to creating more content this year is going to be the year for me I’ve got some things planned and it’s going to be epic