Lesson 45 Subject-Verb Agreement And Intervening Prepositional Phrases

Auxiliary verbs are, have and change the form into verbs to show agreement with the subjects of a third person. If a preposition sentence between the subject and the verb comes, don`t confuse its object with the subject. The verb must correspond to the subject, not to the object of the preposition. Each verb must correspond to its subject personally and in number. Most verbs have a different form only in contemporary form; If the subject is singular, a sor is added to the basic verb. Interconnection is an exception. It changes the form in the present as in the past. 10. Intensive farming is now a popular way to raise livestock. 6. Some people experiment with ostrich farms.

15. Despite all this progress, the number of farms (growing, growing) will decrease each year. 1. Fewer animals die from diseases due to advances in veterinary science. Specialization Two pet stores in the city specializes only in birds. 3. Other parents in this family (including lories, cockaries, and large conurbations. 6. Scientifically balanced fertilizers (maintain, maintain) nutrients in high soil. 19.

For some people, this practice is (is, are) beneficial. 5.C is a cross between a cow and the American bison. 18. This type of science is called genetic engineering. 9. Many people like to eat meat from alligator tails. C 18. The best of all the names we saw was Nestor. . Paul`s letters were lost in the mail.

(Letters are the theme of the plural. Paul is the object of the preposition of and is unique. The verb, quie, is plural to suit with the object letters.) 12. Almost every year yield per hectare (increases, increases, increases). 13. Computer (executes, performs) many tasks in modern farms. PLURAL SINGULAR IT TAKES. You take it. She`s nice. They`re nice. It was ripe. They were mature.

16. They say that it is cruel to raise animals under such limited conditions. He goes home, you run home. She`s here. They`ve arrived. Does she have a ride? Do you have a trip? 8. Seeds (are) designed to withstand extremes in climate and disease. 7. Supermarket shelves of the future may contain packaging of ostrich meat. C 19.

A parrot in our lives turned out to be a good decision. C 2. His knowledge of birds seems superior to the other business. 11. Many temperate regions of the southern hemisphere (houses, house) parrot families, too. 2. New antibiotics reduce the number of deaths in young animals. Much progress has been made in animal production. C 1.

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