No Written Employment Agreement

The employer must keep a copy for the duration of your employment and at least one year after the end of your employment. A frequent stressor for many employers wonders if they have to pay a lot of money to a laid-off employee, as this is certainly a possibility. However, an employment contract may set, within limits, the scope of dismissal to which a worker can claim. The most common mistake that SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) make is the hiring of workers without signing a written employment contract. What for? Without a written employment contract, the courts will impose obligations that you would not have considered. Now, before I explain how these commitments can cost you tens of thousands of dollars (yes, I said TENS of THOUSANDS), you need to understand how little control you have once employees start working for you. If you have never had a written employment contract, take some time to reflect on the relevant conversations you have had with your boss and gather any emails or other documents that may be useful in proving what has been agreed and/or that you believe may be part of your employment contract. Employment contracts must contain certain clauses. Additional clauses should be adopted to meet the needs of the organization and the worker. Some of your legal labour rights only come into effect when you have worked for an employer for a certain period of time.

This must be a period of continuous employment. The terms of employment (Information Act) stipulate that if your employer does not provide you with written information about the terms of your employment, you can file a complaint on the online complaint form on workplacerelations.ie. Since there is always a contract, even if nothing is written, it is a good idea to write down everything your employer says about your rights at work and everything you have agreed orally. If you do not have a written employment contract that describes or limits the notice period, the common law applies. Judges establish the common law. Over the years, lawyers have put in place employment contracts and have developed a large number of rules.