Bruce Power Collective Agreement 2019

LiUNA and EWU members who work in accordance with Annex A of the PWU/Hydro One collective agreement are entitled to travel allowances if their regular domicile is more than 40 kilometres from the place of work. If a member`s normal residence is more than 97 kilometres from the site, a housing and catering allowance may be paid, subject to proof of a financial obligation to the normal residence (for example.B. property tax bill, mortgage credit bill, rental agreement, lease bill or current electricity bill). Bruce Power is an important source of low-cost, reliable electricity that Ontario families and businesses rely on every day. We will continue to focus on taking on this role and engaging our suppliers, union partners and employees, while ensuring we continue our important role in providing electricity to the province. As part of its collective agreements, PWU has negotiated agreements with the following employers regarding the Hiring Hall: members of the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, Pickering Nuclear Generating Station and bruce Power site are entitled to travel, room and catering allowances. The PWU/OPG (Nuclear) Collective Agreement regulates eligibility and the amounts to be paid. PWU members are referred to Ontario Power Generation (Nuclear) through the Canadian Joint Union of Professional Workers (CUSW) / PWU Dispatch for all electrical trades. Craftsmen are expelled by the competent construction union (BTU) in accordance with the provisions of the Chestnut Park Accord Addendum. Electrical inspectors contributed $3 per hour earned to the retirement plan and $2 per hour earned to the performance plan.

. Non-trade members working at Inergi are redirected to work under the Supplementary Employment Programme (SERP). MEMBERS OF THE SERP include positions in the areas of information technology, logistics, office and administration. Members who work under the SERP are not entitled to travel or room and meal allowance if they do not work from home, unless the employer transfers them. Inspectors are usually recruited on the basis of their geographical location. Inspectors recruited outside their geographical location are entitled to the same maintenance services as regular electrical inspectors. Bruce Power has a long history of positive labour relations and is committed to open dialogue and ongoing commitment to reaching a new collective agreement. Collective bargaining with the Society of United Professionals is expected to continue next week with the help of a Ministry of Labor conciliator. .

During work under PWU/Hydro One Annex “A”, LiUNA members are represented by EWU as EMU members. . PWU and CUSW members contributed $3 per hour earned to the retirement plan and $3 per hour earned to the benefit plan. LiUNA members receive their health care and your retirement allowance to their local union to deposit into their plans….