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Okay so im not good at describing my self


– How old are you? – 23


– Where do you live? Sunny Devon in the UK


– What pets do you have ? I have 3 budgies , Tropical Fish & An Awesome    Tortoise 😀


– Did you do any sports as kid ? Yes I did gymnastics and swimming were my sports the gymnastics was my favorite though the Rings apparatus was my favourite


– What Photo/Video editing program do you use? Adobe Photoshop & Final Cut Pro X on Mac


– Did you go to university? – No but I am a Lictentaite Of The Royal Photographic Society ( The Queen Is The Patron ) So that’s awesome


– Do you have any siblings? Yes 3 sisters who live in the UK & 1 Brother who’s traveling around the world living his dream he is currently in the Cayman Islands where he’s been for 7 years now


– What’s the green thing on the side of your head? That is my Bone Anchored Hearing Aid or BAHA for short one of the many things in life I would be lost without


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