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Impossible Instant Polaroid Film Review/Thoughts 
11th January 2016|BusinessCamera/Video TestsPhotographyrandomReviewsTechnology

Impossible Instant Polaroid Film Review/Thoughts 

Impossible Instant Polaroid Film Review/Thoughts 



I have always been a massive lover of Polaroid Instant Film as it was pretty much where my love of photography came from and when Polaroid said they were stopping production of the SX-70 instant film in February 2008 I think i might have shed a few tears.

Now  I can’t find my original Polaroid shots they should be in a box somewhere in my house when I find them I will share them of anyone’s interested I am however shooting on my original Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera which I’ve had for many years anyway fast forward a few years after Polaroid stopped making SX-70 film the impossible project came about and brought the film making equipment and rented the factory from Polaroid and started making instant film again yay.

I thought it would be interesting to show my thoughts on the Impossible Polaroid instant film I brought this film myself and this post isn’t sponsored by the impossible project ( I wouldn’t say no though if you wanted to send some film my way ) now the first thing I noticed is it doesn’t have the same smell the original Polaroid film had the size frame size and and the image area is still the same it still use the film holder that has the inbuilt battery.

The development time is also slightly longer with The Impossible Project Film as it was with the Old Official Polaroid Film the colors do seem to be improved and brighter as you can see from the image gallery.

I wish i could compare these with the Fuji Instax but I’ve yet to use those maybe i will purchase one soon and then do a post on it.

Hope You like this post please do give me your thoughts as always much love

Update V1.0
28th April 2015|BeautyFashionLifestylePhotographyTechUncategorised

Update V1.0

Hi Everyone so today this is going to be a little bit of a personal posting i thought this would make a good somewhat monthly posting with updates and any new ideas i have that i would like feedback on.

Youtube Updates :
So i know i know I’ve been talking about the youtube channel for sooooooo long well i thought id share with you my plans I’m anticipating do technology videos Everything from SmartPhones to cameras to Phone Cases and apps
Photography related videos Mens fashion & style videos some random vlogs + much much much more

Blog Updates:
Nothing is changing really blog wise its just going to get better and better and better I’m going to keep pushing out content I’m wanting to do more tech posts mens fashion & possibly some women fashion either via guest posts or me just browsing the internet and putting outfits together and share them  also doing some  male hair and beauty + beard & grooming product posts.

The plan is posting more of my photography work asa its a passion of mine and i think sharing this might interest some people.

The idea here is possibly a weekly podcast i host and invite a couple of bloggers to talk about things we’ve read online we like and have a discussion hopefully varied

Still as per usual my health is pretty crap and Ive now had my shoulder operated on and thats a long slow proceess
but I’m thinking on doing more posts on my various medical conditions if thats something that interest.

So i think thats pretty much all i wanted to talk about please do leave me feed back i also want too thank everyone for all the care and support its amazing you are all amazing <3

Simple Photography Tips For Bloggers
23rd February 2015|PhotographyUncategorised

Simple Photography Tips For Bloggers

Photography tips i hear you say yes thats right I’m going to give you some tips that will hopefully help you improve those blog images or just your general photography either way I’m here to help.

1. Make sure you have decent light using natural lighting outside at around 12-3pm is the best but you can also use studio soft boxes but those are expensive so if you have a budget you could use desk lamps they give nice effects.

2. Get that image straight there is nothing worse than a wonky image if you can turn on your camera frame lines do so its useful and also using a tripod is a must.

3. Get out of auto and use the Manual mode sounds daunting i know but you have more control over the Aperture Shutter Speed And ISO, You can get light meter mobile apps that allows you to measure the light so it gives you a perfect image and just decrease or increase the aperture or shutter / iso speed accordingly for the look you need

4. Composition when photographing try and keep the background clutter free use a natural white backdrop or a brick building can be good backdrop for images keep unrelated and unnecessary things outta the photo.

5. Be yourself find your own style don’t copy others what works for them might not work for you.

6. When editing keep it simple just do light edits and experiment with black and white and color adjust the white balance & levels accordingly Photoshop,Aperture Or even iPhoto on the mac are great for editing on windows you can use Photoshop or Gimp (Which is FREE) or lightroom.

7. Just practice there aren’t any set rules so to speak so just mess around with a few setting and see what works for you .

These are just a few tips as a starting point let me know if you’d like some more in depth and get more explanatory into shutter speed aperture & iso and the different lenses you should use for different scenarios.

My Current Film Camera Favorites February 2014
9th February 2015|LifestylePhotographyTech

My Current Film Camera Favorites February 2014

My Current Film Camera Favorites February 2014

Hey everyone so those that know me know that photography is something close to my heart so in today’s post I’m going to talk about the film cameras that I’m currently using and the film I’m using in them.
Now why not use digital i hear you say well my answer is i do but sometimes i like nostalgia and the ability for me to slow my day photographing down and as you are limited to either 24 or 36 exposures or in some case 12 depending on the film type you use so it gives you time that you can use and think about the composition & exposure.

My first Film Camera that I’m currently using is the Olympus OM10 released in 1972 so that makes this camera 43 years old and it still works a charm I’ve always got a 50mm F1.8 Lens on this camera which gives you excellent depth of field.
The film i use in this camera is ilford HP5 B&W and Kodak Portra Color Film if anyone is interested in using film for photography i highly recommend using this and you can pick them off eBay for about 20-30 pounds.

The second film camera I’m currently using a little bit of a special one its the Mamiya RB67 Pro S this camera is from 1970 and is 45 years old this also works like a charm and was once and still is regarded as the studio king of cameras unlike the Olympus OM10 this camera uses 120 film which is a larger image capturing media the film i use with this is Kodak Portra Ilford HP5 & T-Max

These cameras are my current favorites and the ones i use changes overtime as i have many film cameras that i can use so if you like this post i will do some more posts like this below is some images i have taken using the film cameras and some images of the cameras themselves so you can enjoy the beauty of them as much as i do.

Please Note All Images Are My Copyright And Legal Action Will Be Taken Against Those Who Use With Written Permission From Myself



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