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Bloggers You Should Check Out For Next Year & Slight Updates
23rd December 2017|Uncategorised

Bloggers You Should Check Out For Next Year & Slight Updates

Bloggers You Should Check Out For Next Year & Slight Updates

i thought what a way to round up the year than to share with you some amazing blogger who have been supportive towards me this past year & ones who i genuinely adore <3

First up is the lovely Abi from her blog is she definitely is a ray of sunshine and she will always make you smile i love her lots & i know you all will too i really hope we can meet next year .

Number 2 is Chloe from another one who has been an amazing friend towards me this year shes always got my back

Number 3 is Tasha from shes a fabulous make up artist & shes been an amazing friend this year

Number 4 is Charlene from Another amazing person whos always there for me & im in love with here book so please check it out its fabulous espelcilly if you have mental health

Number 5 is Kelly From She really is amazing she me live in korea but honestly shes always got time to chat with me & i love her

Number 6 & the last and final person is Sophie From Ive been following her for a while as i find her reallt inspirational and when she follwed me i think i might have fanboyed a little shes honestly so lovely and so inspirational.

Whilst there is so many more people i could mention these are the ones who i thought everyone would enjoy checking out

Next year i plan on coming back to blogging but bigger and better than ever so i hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and i will see you all in the New Year <3

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Late 2017 Life Update?
28th November 2017|Uncategorised

Late 2017 Life Update?

Late 2017 Life Update?

So 2017 has been a bit of a whirlwind year I’ve hardly had time to write so this post is going to broken down into sections by topic to make understanding it a little easier.

Health Updates:

So in short the health isn’t really any better if anything it’s getting worse I’m still struggling with my M.E(Myalgic encephalomyelitis)/CFS & my heart condition is still being a challenge but I’m hoping after my next operation it should make my heart more manageable I’m not expecting a long-term fix.

And then, of course, my joint hypermobility is still an issue and it’s not getting better it’s just getting worse.

Blog & YouTube Updates

Now I move onto the blog and what my plans are for it so I’ve always said that I’m not gonna talk about health-related stuff as it doesn’t define who I am however I feel that some of my medical conditions and explanations on them or talking about them could help some others.

I still wanna talk about all the fashion stuff I’m doing now and all the bow ties and maybe even some SEO Tips and how I edit my photos.

The YouTube channel plans are now next with this it’s going to be pretty much a visual video version of the blog with my photography being the main focus how I edit photos camera reviews vlogs at photoshoots and behind the scenes and all things like that.


Now I move onto my goals and things I’d like to achieve over the next year.

Photograph as many people as possible is one Goal I also wanna try and get my photography published in as many photography magazines as possible & get published in as many online articles as I can. I also wanna try and photograph as many online celebrities/influencers as I can.

So I think that pretty much wraps up everything I need to talk about I look forward now to writing more and more blog posts and making a go of this.

Hope everyone’s missed me you will be seeing a lot more of me from now on.

EDITED : Health Update #1 : Heart Operation Now 11th Of July 2017
28th June 2017|Uncategorised

EDITED : Health Update #1 : Heart Operation Now 11th Of July 2017

UPDATE: The Operation Date Has Now Been Changed To The 11th of July 2017

I’ve always said I wasn’t going to post health related posts on my blog as it doesn’t define who am it just contributes to it.
However I thought I might as well share with you this important date so on the 4th of July I will be going in for a EPS Study +/- a cardiac ablation so in short what’s going to happen is catheters Will be inserted into my ground and wires up inside my heart to use electrical impulses to find & trigger the area of my heart that has been causing my arrhythmia/palpitations and chest pains and then once they’ve found the area that is causing the issue it will be scarred/burnt away sounds drastic right but if it helps then I’m all for it. Now it’s not without its risks but I’m not going to focus on those I’m just focusing on getting myself better & creating awesome blog posts for you all.

The support and love I’ve received has been amazing I love my little blog fam and everyone rocks ❤️ I will be posting an update post to this after the procedure.

Features Snapchat Needs!
8th January 2017|Uncategorised

Features Snapchat Needs!

Features Snapchat Needs!

Snapchat has around 150 million daily users worldwide and I’m surprised these features I’ve thought of haven’t been introduced yet it is a known fact that i am a snapchat addict its them filters that make me look & feel all sassy

Anyway the first feature is the ability to hide a friends story from showing in the story feed which would be useful if you’ve got that friend that posts annoying stories but you don’t wanna delete them as a friend as you still snap eachother or use the chat feature.

The second feature is being able to upload a photo to your SnapCode so that it displays as a profile picture rather than it taking a multiple photos and showing them in a gif type form.

The third feature i think they should do is Snapchat live where you can do a live stream with friends/people who follow you i think it would be a good feature for snapchat especially if they got into the live streaming game like everyone else 2017 i am calling it now is the year of it being live streaming.

The fourth feature is the ability to Change usernames so many times I’ve wanted to change my username but can’t even if they limit it and you can only change a username once it will save making a new account and losing the people who follow you & even worse that snapchat score 😉 😉

Obviously there is way more features that could be introduced & these probably wont make it into the app however from a user perspective i think they could be useful. Let me know if you use Snapchat & features you’d love them to introduce

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