Features Snapchat Needs!

Snapchat has around 150 million daily users worldwide and I’m surprised these features I’ve thought of haven’t been introduced yet it is a known fact that i am a snapchat addict its them filters that make me look & feel all sassy Anyway the first feature is the ability to hide a friends story from showing in the story feed…

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Merry Christmas From Blogger Friends

Hey everyone Merry Christmas from me so i asked all my blogger friends to collaborate with me on a post where they told me their favourite Christmas memory one thing that they were grateful with that happened over the past year & a goal for 2017 so here are the lovely peoples things below along with social media accounts my favourite…

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Impossible Instant Polaroid Film Review/Thoughts 

    I have always been a massive lover of Polaroid Instant Film as it was pretty much where my love of photography came from and when Polaroid said they were stopping production of the SX-70 instant film in February 2008 I think i might have shed a few tears. Now  I can’t find my original Polaroid shots they should…

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