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Single On Valentines Day Its A Good Thing!
6th February 2016|Uncategorised

Single On Valentines Day Its A Good Thing!

Single On Valentines Day Its A Good Thing!

Its that time of year again for Valentines Day & If you are like me and are single on Valentines Day here are my reasons why its actually a good thing.

  1. All the wine for you no need to share it
  2. All of the cake again no need to share with anyone
  3. No one to take up all the space in bed
  4. It is cheaper no presents to buy
  5. All the ice cream in the world
  6. You can watch what you like when you like
  7. You can actually buy yourself a present that you want
  8. You can go bed early if you like
  9. Eat all the ice cream and not feel guilty about it
  10. And this is the best one of all as someone is single you can hate those in a relationship on Valentine’s Day and feel sorry for yourself but not for long because remember you have all the wine, cake & ice cream to eat

So if you are like me and are single on Valentine’s Day then happy Valentine’s Day
I hope you enjoy this posting its my first time writing skmething some what comedic.
Let me know if you liked this post and want more of this style

As always i love you all and i love all the continued support you give <3


Impossible Instant Polaroid Film Review/Thoughts 
11th January 2016|BusinessCamera/Video TestsPhotographyrandomReviewsTechnology

Impossible Instant Polaroid Film Review/Thoughts 

Impossible Instant Polaroid Film Review/Thoughts 



I have always been a massive lover of Polaroid Instant Film as it was pretty much where my love of photography came from and when Polaroid said they were stopping production of the SX-70 instant film in February 2008 I think i might have shed a few tears.

Now  I can’t find my original Polaroid shots they should be in a box somewhere in my house when I find them I will share them of anyone’s interested I am however shooting on my original Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera which I’ve had for many years anyway fast forward a few years after Polaroid stopped making SX-70 film the impossible project came about and brought the film making equipment and rented the factory from Polaroid and started making instant film again yay.

I thought it would be interesting to show my thoughts on the Impossible Polaroid instant film I brought this film myself and this post isn’t sponsored by the impossible project ( I wouldn’t say no though if you wanted to send some film my way ) now the first thing I noticed is it doesn’t have the same smell the original Polaroid film had the size frame size and and the image area is still the same it still use the film holder that has the inbuilt battery.

The development time is also slightly longer with The Impossible Project Film as it was with the Old Official Polaroid Film the colors do seem to be improved and brighter as you can see from the image gallery.

I wish i could compare these with the Fuji Instax but I’ve yet to use those maybe i will purchase one soon and then do a post on it.

Hope You like this post please do give me your thoughts as always much love

Taking A Blogging Break & 2016 Plans 
17th December 2015|Uncategorised

Taking A Blogging Break & 2016 Plans 

Hey lovelies,
Today I just want to talk about taking a break with the festive period approaching this will be a good time for me so I can gather my thoughts and figure out things in terms of the blog and my YouTube channel

What I am wanting to do is get my blog in order so that I can give you all the best blog I can offer I’ve not been feeling it at the moment and I even contemplated just deleting it but I’m not a quitter so I can’t do that all I’m saying is watch this space I’m planning amazing things

Let’s talk YouTube I’ve got a YouTube account and I’ve got over 1330 subscribers so it’s silly not to be posting content but like with the blog I’ve got to figure out what I can and where I can take things further but 2016 will be the year I give things a damn good go.

Hopefully this break will help me to fully be as good as I can be and provide everyone with the best content I can

I hope everyone understands and I will see you all in 2016 lets make it happen :) love you all very much <3 thanks for the support

Small Brands I Love ?
24th November 2015|Uncategorised

Small Brands I Love ?

Hey all sorry about the lack of posts 

Today’s post is about some smaller brands that I’ve fallen in love with and I just know you will all love them as much as i do   
This company creates cute and awesome originally illustrated phone cases,notebooks,greeting cards and more.
I’ve yet to order from them myself i will do soon its just so hard as i am finding that I’m just wanting to purchase  eveything that they sell

Iced rainbow by Tom he creates quirky and gorgeous looking jewellery that are just sensational very detailed so if you are looking for a ring necklace key ring this is where I’d go

As a massive Bow Tie loving guy I can’t not mention these peeps can i they have so many bow ties I want I love them all 

Not a brand really but the concept is lovely basically you sign up and you can win a hammer of products such a super amazing idea and well worth checking out .

I do hope you enjoy this post please let me know of yuur favourite brands in the comments 

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