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How To Email PR Agencies/Request Review Products
12th November 2014|Uncategorised

How To Email PR Agencies/Request Review Products

How To Email PR Agencies/Request Review Products

So I’m seeing lots of people that are wanting the pleasure to be able to receive products from companies for review either on there blog or youtube channels and the majority of these people seem to be messaging in the wrong way or tweeting in the wrong way so I’m here on hand with some useful tips that will hopefully help you with the way you contact PR Agencies or request from companies direct.
Just as a disclaimer before you read this post I’m not claiming that I’m and expert I’m just sharing common sense tips that hopefully will help.

  1. Give details on the views that your Blog/YouTube Channel or both gets on a daily and monthly basis ( Screenshots of googleanalytics are useful)
  2. Keep the email brief but give enough information so that you can get across who you are & what you do
  3. Explain that by going with your review request what you can offer them that maybe someone else can’t and also try be unique what separates you from everyone else
  4. Tell them all of your social credentials and where they can find you online just so they have some idea of the following you have i.e. twitter/youtube/bloglovin/facebook/instagram.
  5. Let them know what you plan on doing with the product after the review if they want it back then promise to return it or see if they wouldn’t mind you keeping it for yourself or even for a giveaway video or post



Example of a bad email

Hi (Company Name)

My name is Jo blogs and I am a youtube reviewer and blogger. I would like to review one of your products. Can you please send me one.

Example of a good email



Dear Mr <Insert name of Marketing Manager> OR To Whom It May Concern 

My name is Jo Blogs of “JoeBlogsOnline”, a youtube review channel & Blog that focuses on mobile technology,related accessories & fashion related content. Our channel & blog can be viewed at the following links (link to your site/channel etc). We have been reviewing the latest and greatest technology & fashion content since 2010(your exact date here). We have over 500,000 subscribers on our youtube channel and the blog receives over 700,000 views a day and we have reviewed products from companies such as (list products you have reviewed). We have  just came across your product, (insert product name) and love the clean design and unique function. I feel it would be a great fit for our audience of tech savvy & fashionable people who love these type of products. If you would be willing to send me a sample of (insert specific name of product) I would be able to put together a honest video review of the product on our youtube channel and or blog. I will include the product URL and price at the end of the video so people know where to purchase it from. If you are interested in offering my viewers a discount or promotional code I would be happy to include that in the video. In a previous review we did on the (name of product and link to the review video) we used a promotion code which generated over 100 sales. Once the review is complete I will run a competition for my subscribers to win the product, that is unless you would prefer I send it back to you which I am happy to do.

If you require any additional information I would be happy to provide it.

My mailing address and contact details are below.

Thank you for your time

Jo Blogs

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What do I blog & vlog about ?
11th November 2014|Uncategorised

What do I blog & vlog about ?

What do I blog & vlog about ?

So I’ve been wondering for sometime what I should be blogging & blog about I think my main problem is I want to try and please everyone but I think I want my blog & youtube channel to be my place on the internet that can I post what I like when I like.

What content can you expect from my blog & YouTube channel?
Tech Content
My Photography Work/Photography Related Content
Men’s Fashion
Men’s Beauty & Hair ( possibly )
Random Vlogs
Lifestyle Stuff
Current events & news stories that interest or annoy me

I think we get the gist that I’m posting about what ever I like and I do hope that some of these subjects interest you I’m going to try and cater for everyone and i don’t really know where this posting is now going as i seem like I’m rambling on but what i really wanted to say is that ti have no set agenda with my blog and no set schedule so there maybe times when there are no post and times when there are 50 a day.
This is a personal blog I’m just a one man band and I’m not a brand with tonnes of cash that I’m plowing into my blogging/vlogging for me this is a hobby and want to thank everyone who is supporting me with this.

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11 Facts About Me !!!
7th November 2014|Uncategorised

11 Facts About Me !!!

11 Facts About Me !!!

Hey everyone so i think we’ve come unto that point where you can learn some random facts about me that you didn’t know as sometimes i can be quite a closed book
for whatever reason




  1. I’m a huge nerd
  3. I wear a BAHA ( Bone Anchored Hearing Aid as I’m actually classified as deaf/hearing imapired
  4. I’m addicted to the Calvin Klein Eternity eau de toilette
  5. I have a thing for women with tattoos and piercings
  6. I’ve never smoked a cigarette or even done drugs ( I’m a good boy )
  7. i love nothing more than a long walk along the beach camera in hand and just closing myself off from the world i find this quite useful sometimes
  8. I Love vintage film cameras i own quite a few of them
  9. I have a slight addiction for bowties
  10. I don’t like football i think its a waste of money time and energy
  11. I love the colour lime green


    If you have any questions please do ask them and i will try my best answer them for you as always thanks for the continued support



6th November 2014|Uncategorised



liebster-award (2)


Hey All So I was tagged by the lovely moshingzombies and she asked these questions.

Now please do bare with me as this is my first tag post so lets begin




1. What inspired you to start blogging?
I got inspired as i have a love of fashion & tech and this would be the place that i would post these things and i go inspired even more as i don’t think there are many male fashion bloggers out there & i think it was a niche & unique opportunity for me.
2. If you were lucky enough to win the lottery, what would you do?
Hmmmm this is a tough one i love my photography so i would so id just travel around photographing places and things.
3. Favourite genre of music to listen to?
At the moment its indie and dubstep but i have been a long time green day,coldplay,panic at the disco fanboy
4. What is your favourite food?
This one is easy PIZZA & Pasta
5. Favourite highstreet stores to shop in?
Hmmm i love TopMan River Island and new look at the moment
6. What is your favourite drugstore brand?
i would have to say boots but then again i do quite like the bargain prices of savers
7. What is your favourite high end brand?
Depends what you class as high end but I’m a HUGE HUGE Apple Fanboy so i would have to say them
8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
San Fransico as I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE Tech LOVER and thats the epicentre of tech for the world
9. Do you prefer spring/summer or autumn/winter?
i like spring & autumn I’m being awkward here because the summer its too hot and winter is to cold so i like the in-between whether they both provide
10. When do you start getting excited about Christmas?
i get started normally end of october beginning of november as my nan come visit so we have like a mini christmas day opening silly gifts and having turkey mince pies WINE and all the usual christmas stuff in november 😀 yep my family is nuts
11. If you could collab with any brand, who would it be and why?
The tech brand id wanna collab with i would have to say blackberry as I’m a huge fan of theres even though i use an iPhone as my daily phone i do still
use the blackberry Z10 somewhat daily and then fashion brand id love to do some collar work with either next burtons or river island as they do clothes
i mainly wear.

Now it’s my turn to ask you questions and here are the rules. 
1. Acknowledge The Blog Who Nominated You And Display The Award
2. Answer The 11 Questions That Were Given To From The Blogger
Give 11 Facts About Yourself (I’m doing this in a separate post)

4. Nominate 11 Blogs That You Think Are Deserving Of The Award
5. Let The Bloggers Know That You Have Nominated Them

6. Give Them 11 Questions To Answer 

Here are my Questions:

1.One Piece of Tech that you own you couldn’t live without ?
2. Favorite item of clothing ?
3. What is your number ONE Pet hate/Peeve?
4. What is your favourite food?
5. What is your favorite Fruit?
6. Facebook Or Twitter?
7. What was your latest selfie ?
8. Tea or Coffee?
9. Starbucks or another coffee chain (if other which one)?
10. Are you a christmas or new year person
11. If you could collab with another blogger,who would it be and why?

The 11 blogs I pick: 

RedLittleBoots  sophieinthesticks aliceallure sm-beautyblog trisarahtopsg

misspond haulanddupes thepersephonecomplex

letterstoa amygatenby bigfashionista

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