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Happy Halloween & A Surprise
31st October 2014|Uncategorised

Happy Halloween & A Surprise

Happy Halloween & A Surprise

Hello so i just wanted to wish everyone HAPPY HALLOWEEN

I’m not dressing up this year well i don’t dress up for halloween anyway as i think its more aimed towards the children going trick or treating
however i thought id share with two images from a few years back when i went to the rocky horror picture show as i did go right to town with the dressing up

Please remember too stay safe this halloween and look after yourselves if going out keep an eye on your drinks and be carful with people you don’t know
As always much love <3     10379172_10152420010719487_876250978_n 10374171_10152420010724487_1501432414_n

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#OOFTD Because Man Should Always Dress Smart
30th October 2014|Uncategorised

#OOFTD Because Man Should Always Dress Smart

#OOFTD Because Man Should Always Dress Smart

So i haven’t done an outfit of the day post before but i thought id give it a shot 😀 you all know me i love dressing smart and today was one of those smart but casual days as i was having a I’m not feeling today kinda today.
Lets start from the bottom and work our way up the outfit
The shoes are suede styled brought from new look surprisingly comfy and very very warm especially seeing as today was chilly.
The jeans are a pair from officers club they have some pretty damn good stuff in there and they are just how i like my jeans they’ve gotta be tight but form fitting as I’m quite slim anything that gives me an arse I’m happy with.
The shirt is a recent purchase with a really vintage style square pattern to it that was brought from good old topman i don’t tend to buy from there as i find them over priced but this was in the sale and i couldn’t argue with £12 as where i live there is an outfit shop that has burtons evans topshop topman miss selfridge dorothy perkins anyway back to the top it’s a nice fitting top thats comfy and worth the price over that I’m wearing a jumper brought many years ago from primark of all places but its still going strong and washes like a dream.
My jacket is from burtons its kinda a tweed effect I’ve had this for years and its my trusty go too jacket when its not that cold but not particularly warm out either and then in the pocket of the of the jacket is a pocket square from river island and its got mustaches on the watch I’m wearing is also from river island.
i think I’ve covered pretty much everythgin like i said this is my first OOFTD post the only thing i didn’t mention were my boxers but if you wanna know what they are then I’m wearing my trusty calvin kliens my favorite brand 😛 .

Do let me know what you think of this post if you have any ideas on posts i should make please let me know as always much love and thanks for the support you have all been giving me <3



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Guest Post: Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts for Bloggers From @PDTalkinTech
29th October 2014|Uncategorised

Guest Post: Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts for Bloggers From @PDTalkinTech

   Today’s posting is a guest post from my buddy purav I do hope you enjoyed reading.
Please Don’t forget to follow @pdtalkintech on Twitter and thank him for writing this so without further or do here is the post.


1. Have social media channels set up for your blog as well as a contact page – This will not only help people to contact you if they have any questions but it will also help you to grow your fan base and reach new viewers that use those platforms.

2. Network with similar genre bloggers and ask about collaborations – Chances are there are a lot of people that are interested in what you are interested in so reach out to them and ask if there’s any way you can work together. Be realistic though, approach bloggers that are up and coming or fairly small because bigger bloggers might not have time or be as willing to help, there are exceptions though so try your luck!

3. Don’t just recap an announcement, share your thoughts. – This will differentiate you from the various pieces on a particular news story that is online and who knows? People may like your opinion, how you come across which will keep them coming back to the blog to hear more from you and your thoughts on particular topics.

4. Allow people to do guest content on your site. – This will allow you to vary the type of content on your blog with different opinions as well. It also allows you to give back to the community in a way by providing exposure to beginner bloggers, let’s just hope they don’t forget you when they’re rich and famous eh?

5. Write as much as you can and cover a wide range of topics – No matter what area of life you write about cover it in interesting angles and don’t just limit yourself to focusing on one particular idea. Writing a lot also will help you build up your vocabulary, grammar and spelling over time.


1. Don’t get annoyed if companies turn down review requests – It can be disheartening at first when you get a lot of rejections about review requests. Just brush it off and keep trying but in the meantime, produce the best content you can and just write about products or announcements with some thoughts and then maybe contact that company again linking them to your piece then they may be more willing to work with you.

2. Don’t write the same thing someone else has – Why would people come to your blog if they can read the exact same thing on another blog? Differentiate yourself by having a unique opinion and writing style. This will develop over time but to start with just be as creative as you can in your presentation and the actual writing itself.

3. Don’t fool your audience with misleading titles – As you begin to grow your audience will come to expect a certain level of quality or detail in your work. By posting a misleading title in an attempt to get views or gain instant success will not only make you look like a fraud but it will disappoint your audience who then may stop supporting you. Keep it legit and don’t be afraid to use relevant related tags or images to help your article grow.

4. Don’t let negative feedback get you down – We all start from somewhere. There will be those people that just hate for no reason but others will provide you insightful and valuable constructive criticism which you should take and learn from to develop your own work. Just keep at it and over time you’ll prove the haters wrong. Hell it takes a lot of guts to even start writing so if you’ve put out even one article so far, kudos!

5. Don’t expect instant success – To become a successful blogger takes a lot of time and hard work. The blogosphere is very saturated already with a lot of great content, yours will flourish depending on the attention and care you give it. Try and stay as active as you can by posting regularly and if you’re unable to, update people on social media so they know that you haven’t simply abandoned it.

Good luck with your blogging journey, I’ve been writing for almost 3 years now and I’ve learnt quite a lot along the way, hope the tips above have helped. You can check out my articles at and feel free to drop me a tweet @PDTalkinTech.

Happy Blogging! ☺

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The Humble Suit
23rd October 2014|Uncategorised

The Humble Suit

The Humble Suit

Today’s blog post is somewhat short post about the old faithful outfit the suit men wear them & some women wear them me personally I love them it’s a way of looking smart but it can also be a look thats smart & casual
The way i do my suit outfit is a a nice pair of patent shoes black ones of course & the trousers would be a pair smart but skinny fit forget old fashioned styled baggy ones #Unflattering a shirt that has cufflink holes(is a must) some cufflinks obviously and a nice tailored fit jacket that would be if I’m keeping it smart but if I’m going smart/casual i might do the outfit with a pair of boots or non shiny shoes and a pair of chinos or skinny jeans.
Not many men seem to like wearing suits but i do love wearing one and sometimes a good suit is one way that will separate the men from the boys.

Let me know what you think of a suit 😀 Below is a photo of me in one so you can get an idea on what i mean and how i wear mine.


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