Can A Finance Agreement Be Transferred

I have a car on the finances for my daughter, she`s going to use the car. All right. I`ll pay the monthly payments, and she`ll be the main protagonist? Thank you, Hollie. No, probably not. Getting auto financing if you don`t have a driver`s license is quite difficult because it immediately falls under accommodation offers. My son was turned down for financing when he went to buy a car, and he called me from the dealers and asked me if I would be guarantor of the loan and he could then get it. I reluctantly agreed and gave him all the details he asked for on the phone. I then drove to the dealerships (a very well-known second-hand dealer). When I got there, my son told me that the RPA`s sentence for finance with his name was always very high and asked me if I could fund it for him. I was there and under pressure, really worried, but when his pregnant partner was there, reluctantly, I agreed. I read him the act of rioting – “If you don`t pay, I`ll turn the car over and sell it, etc.” He faithfully promised that he would pay back. Gave the seller who knew of the deal that happened, my passport for ID, signed and it was done. He fled by car, everyone (rather) happy.

The original car registration arrived as expected in my house (I think my son was called on it). I handed it over so my son could make the vehicle as an “admitted” owner/main driver. My son paid me through the bank, but after three months they stopped. I couldn`t catch it for months, but at some point I did. I told him I wanted my money and I had a sobbing story, but I gave in and expected the refunds to be resumed. They didn`t – I went back and I was ready to take the car, but it wasn`t there. I asked either for money or the return of the car, I had more sobbing stories and no money or car. I stopped paying the financing, and when I called the financial company, they told me I was responsible. I said I didn`t care if I took possession of the car. They refused and sid`s is a personal loan!! You were not interested in the car, my problems or where the vehicle was paying! I had to pay back the payments. I went back, again and again, no luck, it was moving again, and I didn`t have a transfer address.

Then I found out that he had sold the car. I told the financial company — we don`t care. I went to the police — it is a civil matter. I am now in a real mess, emotionally and personally — it is a common problem that people need to be aware of. Traders do not respect the rules, financial companies are imprunent and the police are powerless. WARN YOUR READERS – ANY FINANCE SOMEONE ELSES VEHICLE. Hello, I have a car on finance by Audi and I am 2.5 years by a 3 year contract. I`ve read a lot of articles here, but I still have a few questions.

At the end of those three years, I will not be able to pay the final payment. It`s the Hi Huss. This should not be a problem as long as the car is registered in their name, the insurance is in their name and the financing is in their name. You must be listed as a designated driver in the insurance if you want to drive the car regularly. Credit exists for a reason: to help consumers make large financial acquisitions that may not be able to cover their existing finances in a lump sum. That said, you may not want to ask for more or even apply for your loan at some point in the future if your situation changes. In this case, you need to check whether your specific loan type can be transferred to another person if you are able to find a willing buyer. Therefore, if the financial company does not give you credit, they will not lend money to someone else who applies on your behalf and expects you to pay them for the loan.