Pastoral Confidentiality Agreement

How many times have you ended up interviewing potential sources who have signed NDAs? And how does your organization protect its privacy or execute its offers or information? What is this balance for you? I would just like to add that these agreements and clauses can sometimes be like the terms of use of iTunes that you don`t look at, and when our intern called all these places, a lot of people didn`t even know they had them. They said, “We don`t do NDAs, we don`t have NDAs,” and then the employees would send me their N.A. from the organization that just told us that they don`t do ASN. I think it`s often a footnote that the Church doesn`t even really know. Confidentiality Agreements (NDA) have begun in the world of technology to protect trade secrets. But they did not stay there. The privilege of the clergy, the privilege of the clergy, the privilege of confession, the privilege of the priesthood, the privilege of the priesthood, the communicative privilege or ecclesiastical privilege are a rule of evidence that offers judicial instruction of certain communications (spoken or otherwise). The law recognizes certain communications as privileged and is not subject to other mandatory advertising; This is the case, for example, with communication between lawyers and clients. In many jurisdictions, some communications between a clergy member of some or all religious beliefs (. B for example, a priest, a priest, a rabbi, an imam) and a person who advises them with confidence are legally privileged. In particular, Catholics are required to advertise priests who are unconditionally prohibited by the canonical law of the Church[1], a position supported by the law of many countries, although in some legal orders they are at odds with civil (secular) law. [1] This is a different term from the concept of confidentiality (see confidentiality agreement). Confidentiality is often an important part of living in peace with all (Rm 12,18).

But we are also called to face sin and even to carry it, if necessary, before the Church (Matthew 18:15-17). This requires the legal freedom to make mistakes if we see what limits the privacy of a department. As strict as confidentiality is not the biblical reference for pastoral counsel, it should not be used as a standard for inter-agency management.