Stihl Dealer Agreement

STIHL has always relied on the highest possible product quality and the competence of distributors. Personalized advice, proper application training, the provision of operational products and professional customer service are the pillars of the brand`s philosophy. The President of the Executive Board, Dr. Kandziora, said: “Customer safety is first and foremost a top priority for STIHL. This is why it is particularly important for us that the customer is informed by the distributor of the proper use of the products. Global surveys confirm that the customer appreciates high-quality specialized advice and in particular personal contact with the dealer. Certainly, some of you know exactly what you need. It`s great, and it makes our lives a lot easier. Since Stihl has such a wide range of products (for example.B. more than 20 different models of brush cutter, more than 30 different chainsaw models), many customers need help to reduce their choice.

There is for every job finding the right tool and the right balance for each customer is the reason why there are resellers. It is important to us that what satisfies you in the end with (and best exceeds) your expectations. If you choose Stihl, you buy the best quality product on the market, so your experience with it should be the best it can be. One of these changes allows distributors to send products directly to a final consumer without personal discount or instruction. Chainsaws and spare parts are an exception. This seems contrary to compliance with Section 6 of the “Health and Safety at Work” section, etc. Act 1974, although STIHL proposes that merchants offer the customer the opportunity to provide advice and advice before buying and shipping, and that this can be done through online methods, such as videos or online chats, face-to-face or over the phone. If you buy Stihl equipment from your on-site dealer, you are told how well the equipment works. After discussing your needs with the dealer, they may advise you, for example, to choose a different type of chain or a different cutterbar length than the one delivered by default. You`ll also have the option to purchase highly recommended personal protective equipment (“EPI”), such as hearing protection, eye protection, hand and leg protection and more. These are not just ways for the trader to “sell you more”.

By making sure you have what you need to get the job done, we`ll make sure you get the best experience of using your new tool. It is important to us that when you use your new tool, it exceeds your expectations. This is one of the reasons why Stihl is the world`s number one saw brand. 3) Your on-site dealer will make sure you get the right tool for the job. It is understandable that manufacturers want to secure their distribution channels and retail activities by building on the growing importance of online sales, but also by maintaining the faithful platform of a network of distributors, especially for larger devices.